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MANE 2720 - Fluid Mechanics

The fundamentals of fluid statics and dynamics. Hydrostatics, fluid flow fields, control-volume analysis, and the Navier-Stokes equations. Inviscid, viscous, and turbulent flows. Similitude, boundary layers, internal and external flows.

MANE 4020/ MANE 4740 - Thermal and Fluids Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory course offers a culminating experimental experience in the field of thermal and fluids engineering for MANE students. This lab course is intended to introduce and familiarize students to a variety of thermodynamic, heat transfer, and fluid flow phenomena in the context of the operation of major pieces of equipment. Both fundamental concepts as well as practical/applied ideas will be explored.

MANE 4400 - Nuclear Power Systems Engineering 

Application of thermodynamics, fluid flow and heat transfer principles to nuclear energy conversion cycle and to nuclear reactor design and operation. Engineering aspects of 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics will be emphasized. Reactor thermal-hydraulics phenomena, including single- and two-phase flow and pressure drop, single- and two-phase (boiling) heat transfer, core temperature and phase distribution will be covered. Characteristics and safety aspects of nuclear power equipment will be discussed.

MANE/CHME 6840 - An Introduction to Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer I

This course focuses on heat transfer and fluid flow applications in nuclear power reactor and other energy systems. Topics include (1) a systematic treatment of reactor thermal hydraulics for LWRs with a focus on one-dimensional analysis, (2) the fundamentals of single-phase fluid flow and heat transfer, (3) the fundamentals of two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer, and (4) application domains and limitations of various two-phase flow models.

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